About Yvonne

  • Yvonne specializes as an empowerment Counsellor, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. Her belief is simple, if your emotions are not connected, your Soul becomes disconnected, which then manifests in your physical bodies, for all must be in harmony. Why do you think it is called dis-ease?

    As a Spiritual facilitator, Yvonne addresses this imbalance in the mind and body and helps guide your life’s purpose back on course. She is a conduit to activate and transform your quality of life in order for you to realize your highest capacity. Her healing is a powerful energy tool, as sadly, many of us tend to shut down, or manifest illness during painful experiences, forgetting how to open up again.

    After 30 years of working closely with Cancer patients, addiction, past life issues, abuse and all of life’s challenges. Yvonne has now formulated a unique Methodology of healing and teaching. She works globally with individuals, personal groups, as well as therapists; helping them gain clarity, reprogram blockages and reach their highest potential.

    Her work has taken her to many parts of the globe, for treatments, lectures and workshops, which cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from unexplained infertility to Past Traumatic events, destructive relationship issues. The power of these workshops and lectures stems from the use of a collective energy and sharing of problems.

    If you are ready to release and are interested in booking a personal or corporate group workshop, private consultation, or attend the next lecture – Please contact Yvonne using the form below

    For those who of you who are from overseas and are not able to travel to the clinic, personal help is available, by either, one to one sessions, over the telephone, through Skype, or through video e-mail communication.

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    Areas of Expertise

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    Good health is our birth right, but often life is relentless, especially in the stressful world we live in, leading to dis-contentment and dis-harmony with 'Self'. If these issues are not addressed in the mind and body, it will create dis-ease, for many illnesses start when our emotional fitness is out of shape. My priority is to help you rebalance - Now is the right time to 'Nurture Yourself'.
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    What is the greatest gift, you could bestow upon yourself? To pick up the reigns of your life and to walk in your power by sharing either your gifts or lessons to the world. I can help you transform negative, into positive, either with a personal consultation in my clinic, Skype sessions, or in group workshops, where we can collectively move forward, together in our power.
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    Bespoke Healing

    This treatment is specially created for your personal journey and specific needs. Before and after the session we aid diagnosis using my Aura machine, enabling you to visually see the energy state of your body. During the treatment I use a combination of colour acupuncture, aura healing and essential oils to gently but powerfully release blocked energies. This therapy allows for new programming to enter the physical body, bringing about harmony and clarity.
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    Individual Sessions

    Are you ready to release and detox emotionally and physically?
    Treatment sessions for getting your life back on track are conducted worldwide via Skype, telephone & in person.
    Energy flows either way.

    You have selected the 30 minutes - Review

    For clients who have had prior sessions and want a quick review, revamp, refresh!

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    You have selected the 60 minutes - Consultation

    For guidance, clarity, understanding life's journey, unravelling of negative programming

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    You have selected the 120 minutes - Healing & Consultation

    Session will be tailor made to your needs and can include colour acupuncture, correcting energy blockages, releasing old stagnant beliefs and stresses, aura and chakra diagnosis, aura clearing oils to balance energies post healing.
    *Personalised essences blended, for on going healing, if required.

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    You have selected the 180 minutes - All Inclusive Treatment

    A complete therapy including spiritual guidance, healing as well as clearing deep-rooted problems that lie within ones past life. This session accesses all issues pertaining to the NOW and allows the client to understand, process, release and ultimately move forward.
    *Personalised essences blended, for on going healing, if required

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    Corporate & Group Workshops

    Yvonne has events around the world covering a wide variety of topics. These cleansing workshops are extremely powerful and help manifest your greatest potential by allowing you to move forward. The use of a collective energy and sharing of problems is highly therapeutic and is a key component in shifting energy and healing.

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    Contact Yvonne

    Use the form below to contact Yvonne for any other info requests.
    Skype: yvonnesessions