Bespoke Healing

“Healing” is not just for the physically sick; it is also crucial for those who have had relentless stress and strain within their lives. Often times stress manifests into a weakness within the body, which needs to be rectified, otherwise illness will occur.
Part of the healing process allows time for talking; this helps greatly in all cases especially Cancer patients, who find it hard to speak of their fears around loved ones. To release through talking to someone outside the family unit, can be very helpful.
Before and after your session an Aura photograph will be taken, where you will be able to see the immediate effects of the healing and is extremely indicative for me.
For example, this aura/chakra photo shows by the surrounding colour that this person is extremely intuitive and in touch with their emotions. Looking at the shape and size of the chakras, I can see where the issues lie. In a perfect harmonious body all the chakras should be the same size and shape. Each chakra feeds specific organs within our physical bodies.

The second picture is an Aura photo of a child, where the energy surrounding their Aura is red. Interestingly, the child was angry at life and had an abundant about of physical energy to burn off. In this case, the anger had to be talked through and controlled.
For a better idea of what the healing session entails please watch the video below and feel free to contact me with any further questions: