Well, I am now on a change of tact, my whole mission, is to work on EMPOWERMENT THERAPY, either 1 to 1.
Groups via the internet, or personal, if you are not in this country.

I have always worked behind the scenes in some way, trying to facilitate change, either in this country, or war torn, where people have no voice.
But now am working nearer to home, for many that I see, their problems start, from very early programming.

The first male a young daughter meets, is her Father, the reverse, for a male.
How we experience this, sets the start of our views of ourselves, or the opposite sex, for the rest of our lives, our expectancy etc.

Many times I say, the problem, always is the dynamic between the parents, we get caught up in, in other words “Their Stuff “………..
How we are parented, effects the rest of our lives, if we let it.
Many times we can turn the experience into something positive, meaning, we can learn, what makes us feel uncomfortable, and CHANGE IT.

Personal EMPOWERMENT, filters through all our lives, it effects relationships, either personal, or within the work place, it is the difference between Succeeding. Fulfilment, or Resentment.

If any of this strikes a chord, you wish to join me, please mail me, wherever you are in the world, for in the end, we are all a global village .

Lets all move forward, we are in the Energy of Change, that started, 21st December 2012, many are experiencing, very difficult times, in memories, of the past, those who want to move on………. CAN

We are not here to be STUCK, or PUNISHED.

Change your life, my constant saying is “Change the Energy, Change the Outcome ………………………..

Find your rightful place on this Planet.

In peace