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I was recommended to see Yvonne, as I was experiencing bad monthly cycles, while with her, she recommended I went to have a mammogram, even though I had no discomfort, my Doctor sent me to a specialist who, examined me, said there was no problem, but as my under arm was swollen,I was eventually sent for a mammogram, the result was 2 large lumps that resulted in a complete mastectomy.

I am 43 years old,I am not due for a mammography until 50, by that time I was told it would have been too late. Yvonne has been with me for healing all the way through this, I am so grateful, as is my family that I found her.

Diane Healey Client May 8, 2015

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Many thanks for the wonderful insights, inspiration and love.

G Switzerland March 1, 2019

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Yvonne, you are a miracle worker! My right side so much better than it was. I was exhausted last night, when I came home from seeing you. I had a real deep tiredness but I feel great now! It’s as if a true weight has been lifted from me. I feel healed internally and externally. You are a truly talented healer and a wonderfully warm woman. I feel better just thinking about you. I am still smiling from seeing you. I walked through the door a sceptic, walked out a near clairvoyant! Thank you so much.

Lucy Journalist & Writer May 7, 2015

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“…When I returned I noticed he was slightly stressed but ok. We did the relaxation which he absolutely loved!!! Then we went off though passport control and out towards the plane.

The plane was delayed for 20 mins and during that time I could see he was starting to become silly…… Starting to spiral, anyway tried to keep his mind off it.

The plane arrived, we boarded and he was ok, little apprehensive I guess, we practised the breathing exercises and kept talking.

Possibly during the time of reaching the plane until we returned he had about 4 spirals, but nothing out of control, I was able to help him breathe his way though it, and the anxiety did not get out of control or bigger than him.

There were pilots scattered all over the plane and the next thing this pilot said “Come lets go for a walk.”
He was sooo nervous, but went, got crisps from the gully and came back, then he ate the crisps and had a small drink.
Those three things he would never have done, ever!!!!
He was brilliant, I think it was fantastic that he realised he could conquer his fears!!!!

You are his hero, he adores you and says its all because of you!!!!
I wish I had the words to express how grateful I am Yvonne. There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer in this life, and I feel like this is the new beginning for my son, everyday gets better.”

Anne London May 7, 2015

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The main thing I wanted to tell you is that I had an ultra sound done of my uterus and everything is clear. I initially had two cysts and they now seem to have disappeared! I can only guess it was the healing magic you used on me.
Thank you Yvonne. I am sure we will meet again and just so you know I gave your number to another friend of mine called Jay.
Hope you are well and if ever you are in Delhi, please contact me.

Patel Client New Delhi, India May 7, 2015

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Well what can I say, yesterday was so lovely for me. The healing was just great, and our chat brought so much clarity to me (as always!) that I cannot tell you how much better I feel today. Because you are the only person I have told EVERYTHING to, I knew (well – was hoping!) you would get it and me, and of course you did. Thank you. The light bulb moment was so illuminating as well. Brilliant for me. So thank you so much for healing me and helping me move on. Am so grateful, I cannot tell you enough.

Paul May 7, 2015

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For a stressed out, multi tasking, constantly on the run entrepreneur like me, seeing Yvonne twice a year, truly re-balances and re-aligns my body, mind and soul! Her psychic powers are beyond extraordinary and her soothing energy, aura and refined healing treatments, work so deep, that you walk out of her sanctuary, feeling totally calm and at peace, like you have just spent a month at the Como Shambhala retreat in the Maldives! She is a true miracle worker.

Sheela Client, Zurich May 7, 2015